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The Millennial Myth

The subject we get asked most to speak about is the perceived ‘problem’ with Millennials. Regular readers know that we have written a couple of articles about…

Optimize Blog May 29, 2017

Did You Know.....?

Intellect Technology is a fascinating subject which has still to mature. The term in this sense relates to a progression from Information Technology. If Information…

Optimize Blog May 15, 2017

The Coefficient of Restitution

The Coefficient of Restitution (COR) is a measure of the “restitution” of a collision between two objects: how much of the kinetic energy remains for…

Optimize Blog May 8, 2017

I think we're alone now

‘I think we’re alone now’ was the title of the song by Tiffany that reached number 1 in many countries back in 1987. It was originally written for, and released…

Optimize Blog May 1, 2017