"I would highly recommend Optimize to anyone who is looking for sincere honesty, integrity and a focused approach to their objectives."Director, Business Development
Vancouver, BC

Our Principles

A passionate belief in ethical business practices and a determination to deliver exceptional quality and value to our clients underpins our approach to business.  If we do not believe that we are the best people for the job, we will tell you.

True Value

We are frugal with our clients’ time & money and we strive to identify and solve the root causes of problems – not just the symptoms.  In addition, since our expertise is cemented in over five decades of practical commercial experience, we can deliver powerful results quickly and efficiently.

Transparency & Honesty

We want you to be absolutely delighted with the level of service and support you receive from Optimize Consulting – that’s why we adopt a transparent but structured approach to every engagement.

Our Approach ensures that requirements are fully qualified and provides clients with the certainty of a detailed specification regarding deliverables, timeframes and budgets.

Our reporting is open, objective and reliable, which means that you know exactly how much progress is being made.  Also, at the end of every engagement, we undertake a ‘no-charge’ evaluation and closure exercise to make sure that we have delivered the results we promised.

Return on Investment

We believe that the development of client capability and self-sufficiency is a pre-requisite for any engagement. So, as well as delivering results, we willingly and openly share our tools, techniques and experiences with our clients as part of the skills transfer process.