"The team from Optimize openly shared their expertise and guided us as we developed a focused strategy which was based on a complete understanding of our situation." Angela Tripathy, Chief Corporate Officer
Professional Home Builders Institute

Construction Services

Residential Construction Education Company

Total Strategy – Situational Assessment & Strategy Development, Implementation and Execution

The challenge:

As a result of increasing funding requirements and uncertainty around the value being delivered to the parent company, our client was faced with the possibility of a sharp decline in performance and a threat to sustainability.  Optimize Consulting was engaged to complete a comprehensive situation assessment, to make suitable recommendations to the parent company and to develop & implement a supportive corporate strategy.

The solution:

Using our own ‘Total Strategy’ framework, our highly experienced consultants initially conducted a detailed Situational Assessment & Root Cause Analysis exercise, incorporating:

– A series of ‘deep-dive’ interviews with a cross section of Directors, Executives and staff

– A facilitated Senior Management Strategic Retreat

– Quantitative and Qualitative analysis on gathered data to determine trends, business-critical issues and priorities

– Future Scenario modelling

– Impact Assessments

– Stress-Testing of the existing Strategy

– Strategic Options development and testing

A comprehensive Strategy Document was developed and, following approval from the Board of Directors, our team then worked alongside the company leadership team to support them during the strategy execution phase.

Success Highlights:

– A new corporate Vision and Strategy was developed & implemented

– The new strategy set out a clear roadmap for success with detailed investment, revenue and margin metrics, supported by aligned operational action plans.

– Organization re-design completed and a new Executive Director recruited

– Our client successfully grew from a provincial to a national industry education provider