"With a keen ability to quickly assess and bring clarity to complex situations, they bring a deep and broad business background to the table and take a highly pragmatic and realistic approach to strategy development and execution. I highly recommend Optimize for your leadership coaching and strategy development needs."Michael Chase, Asset Vice President
TAQA North


Global Oil & Gas Producer

Situation Assessment & Analysis, Strategy Development, Implementation & Execution

The challenge:

Optimize Consulting was engaged by the Abu Dhabi based parent company to assess the internal & external situation, identify and prioritize all business-critical risks and operational performance inhibitors and to support the development and implementation of an appropriate North American strategy.

The solution:

Our consulting team conducted a comprehensive Situational Assessment & Root Cause Analysis exercise and the client was provided with a detailed Outcome Report, which provided a clear analysis of performance influencers, root causes of issues, prioritized recommendations and detailed action plans.   The Optimize team then facilitated an end to end Vision & Strategy Development process based on our proprietary ‘Total Strategy’ model, and developed a detailed strategy execution plan with defined and ‘owned’ actions, timescales and KPI’s.  The Optimize team guided the client through the execution phase, leading a variety of projects:

  • Strategy Planning & Execution Support
  • Change Leadership coaching and Operational Planning
  • Executive coaching
  • Project Management Office (PMO) establishment
  • Implement PMP disciplines throughout the asset teams
  • MI & Performance Management


All projects were completed on time and to budget, the PMO office was successfully established, clear business and team goals were introduced and 4 part Operational Plans were introduced and identified as ‘best practice’ by the parent company.

Global Oil & Gas Infrastructure Company

Situation Assessment

The challenge:

Our client, a leading infrastructure support services to some of the world’s largest oil and gas companies and pipeline operators wanted to sensitively identify the root causes of a continuing decline in project efficiency and take appropriate steps to turn around unsatisfactory performance. The client was in early-stage discussions regarding a future sale and confidentiality was paramount.

The solution:

Over a 2 week period, our team of highly experienced consultants conducted a series of situational assessment interviews with a large cross section of head office and field-based leaders, managers & employees. A comprehensive root cause analysis of issues was completed and detailed quantitative and qualitative analysis on all gathered data ensured trends and priorities were established.

The outcome:

The client was provided with a clear, detailed and transparent Assessment Report, broken down by performance influencer, root causes of issues and prioritized recommendations. Selective Executive and Leader coaching was then provided as the client took decisive action to address the identified causes of issues and ensure that the Performance Improvement Initiative quickly gained traction. The Client’s company was subsequently sold and the full Assessment together with a report on the success of the subsequent Performance Improvement Initiative was included as part of the due diligence process.

Oil & Gas Services Company

Leadership Development

The challenge:

Our client was faced with a situation where most employees holding operational leadership roles had never benefited from any formal leadership development, resulting in a wide variance in skills and experience levels. As the company moved towards a greater focus on project delivery the lack of formal leadership training was identified as a key performance inhibitor.

The solution:

We provided a 2 day Introduction to Leadership workshop for 42 Project Managers, Engineers and Foremen. Content was heavily customized content to ensure relevance, validity and cultural fit.
A supplementary 2 day Practical Leadership workshop, which built on the foundations of the original workshop was delivered 6 months later which provided increased focus on job-specific leadership skills, individual and team performance management and situational analysis.

The outcome:

Personalized Development Plans for all leaders, appropriate to their roles and job purpose, were introduced as an outcome of the development sessions. Supportive 1 to 1 coaching was provided on a selective basis. 100% satisfaction rating achieved for both courses.

Canadian Energy Company

Strategy Validation, Change Management, Leadership Development

The challenge:

Our client was about to start a whole organization re-structuring exercise. As a result the IT and Capital Projects departments were faced with having to validate and redevelop the existing strategy and produce appropriate plans to execute the (new) strategy in a dynamic and changing environment. Horizontal communication had previously been identified as weak and the restructure was considered an opportunity to address this.

The solution:

Over a 12 week period, our team of highly experienced consultants took the IT and Capital Projects leadership team through our proprietary Take Control program. The program content was customized to integrate facilitated strategy validation sessions and enhanced communication and stakeholder engagement elements. Intensive 1 to 1 leadership coaching was provided to every leader as an integral part of the program.

The Outcome:

Comprehensive Operational and Action Plans were introduced providing the necessary focus and prioritization of effort.

Business and Personal Goals were properly aligned across the department, supported by appropriate Accountability Agreements.

Personal ‘Leader Development Plans’ were created for each individual, providing a structured framework for ongoing development.

Cross department (horizontal) communication was dramatically improved, leading to improved working relationships and an improved understanding of collective priorities.

IT and Capital Projects team was identified as ‘best prepared’ for imminent changes.

Global Oil & Gas Support Services Company

Executive Coaching

The challenge:

Following a comprehensive performance diagnostic exercise, our client was implementing a robust Performance Improvement Initiative. Enhanced leadership skills, notably the ability to successfully lead large teams of employees through the resultant changes, were identified as critical to the success of the initiative. Experience levels within the leadership team were very broad and several key individuals had not previously benefited from any formal leadership development.

The solution:

We undertook one to one executive coaching programs for selected individuals which were customized to their specific needs. The coaching programs were supported by Personal Development Plans and aligned to prioritized business goals. Particular focus was given to change navigation, change leadership, trust building, accountability planning, team and process alignment.

The Outcome:

Following the eventual sale of the company the whole leadership team was retained, on the strength of the dramatically improved performances that had been achieved. Two leaders were promoted into considerably more senior positions in the much larger parent company.