"The team from Optimize openly shared their expertise and guided us as we developed a focused strategy which was based on a complete understanding of our situation."Angela Tripathy, Chief Corporate Officer
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Financial Services

Financial Services Software Company

International Market Entry Viability Assessment

The challenge:

As part of a collaboration with International Business Wales (a UK government development agency), one of Europe’s largest independent Financial Services Software companies was considering an entry into the North American market. Prior to making any substantial investment decisions they wanted to test the strategic validity, determine the potential risks, establish initial market receptiveness and project success probability. Following a rigorous assessment process, Optimize was selected to work in conjunction with IBW’s Canadian representatives to undertake the market assessment and produce the final Opportunity Analysis Report.

The solution:

We completed a comprehensive client organization analysis, including; SWOT, cultural profile, internal processes, leadership capability and capacity, product and solutions benchmarking and existing strategy alignment.

We then undertook a full market assessment, including;

  • Market influencer PESTLE analysis.
  • Market structure, operation, differentiating characteristics.
  • Competitor identification, profiling and analysis.
  • Potential market partner identification, profiling and analysis.
  • Prospect identification, profiling and approach prioritization.
  • Initial prospect approach and demand assessment.

The Outcome:

The client was presented with a comprehensive Opportunity Analysis Report which highlighted the assessed risk-reward balance. In addition a prioritized series of recommendations, which addressed primary risks, provided the client with a ROI based decision framework that allowed the completion of appropriate what-if scenario planning.