"With a keen ability to quickly assess and bring clarity to complex situations, they bring a deep and broad business background to the table and take a highly pragmatic and realistic approach to strategy development and execution. I highly recommend Optimize for your leadership coaching and strategy development needs."


Insurance Services Provider

Strategy Development, Implementation & Execution

The challenge:

Subsequent to the completion of a comprehensive Situational Assessment, Optimize was engaged to support the development and implementation of an appropriate strategy, which directly addressed business-critical risks, operational performance failings and cultural misalignment.

The solution:

The Optimize team facilitated an end to end Vision & Strategy Development Process based on our proprietary ‘Total Strategy’ model along with a detailed strategy execution plan with defined and ‘owned’ actions, timescales and KPI’s.

Remaining involved to guide the client through the execution phase, our consultants led a variety of projects which touched every aspect of the business, including:

  • Complex corporate re-structure – including a combination of Not-For-Profit and multiple For-Profit entities.
  • Organizational Re-Design
  • Implementation of the Carver Policy Governance Model.
  • Human Resources Optimization
  • Operational Effectiveness & QA program
  • Board Effectiveness
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Governance, Risk and compliance framework
  • Implementation of Project Management disciplines
  • Change Management capability development, Leadership Development & Executive Coaching
  • Own-Risk Solvency-Assessment (ORSA) submission preparation

Success Highlights:

Every single project was completed on time and to budget, furthermore our client was the only provider to achieve 100% compliance with the new regulatory framework by the stated ‘live’ date. The corporate re-structure delivered a unique business model which provides significant competitive advantage in both domestic and global markets.

Additional highlights:

  • Supportive Sales & Marketing, Operations and IT Strategies were developed and implemented.
  • A new operational planning framework was fully developed and introduced.
  • The Carver policy governance model, along with a supportive Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) framework, was successfully introduced.
  • Our client was the first provider to successfully complete the ORSA submission process under the new regulatory framework.

New Home Warranty Provider

Situation Assessment & Analysis

The challenge:

Faced with a rapidly changing economic environment, increasingly aggressive competitors and a new industry-wide regulatory framework, Optimize Consulting was engaged to identify and prioritize all business-critical risks and operational performance inhibitors.

The solution:

Our consulting team conducted a Situational Assessment & Root Cause Analysis exercise, incorporating:

  • A series of ‘deep-dive’ interviews with a cross section of Directors, Executives, managers and team members.
  • An on-line Employee & Stakeholder Survey
  • A two day Board and Senior Management Retreat
  • Quantitative and qualitative analysis on gathered data to determine trends, business-critical issues and priorities.

The outcome:

Our client was provided with a comprehensive Outcome Report, which provided a clear analysis of performance influencers, root causes of issues, prioritized recommendations and detailed action plans – allowing the client to take decisive actions, in the appropriate order to address concerns.