"Every company, no matter what size, needs to have clear vision and goals. Through individual and group consultations, Optimize Consulting gave us their commitment and resources to ensure we operate at our highest level." Fran Banting, General Manager
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Strategy Development and Execution, Executive Coaching

The challenge:

Our client had experienced a gradual decline in performance and had recently lost the #1 position in their primary market to a growing competitor. Faced with a dysfunctional sales team and poor internal alignment the client was also keen to develop a structured succession plan to facilitate gradual easing of reliance on the company president

The solution:

We facilitated an end to end Vision Development and Strategy Development & Mapping process with the company owners and senior leaders. We then facilitated the creation of a comprehensive Strategy Execution Plan based on the new Vision, Strategy and critical success factors with defined and ‘owned’ actions, timescales and KPI’s. Formal and regular, strategy-focused board meetings were introduced to maintain appropriate focus.
As part of the execution plan we conducted an Organization Design exercise to align company structure with new Vision and Strategy. Executive Coaching was provided to the key individual, who was promoted into a newly created General Manager role.
Support provided during reorganization. Finally, ongoing support was provided during the execution of the strategic action plan, including the reorganization of the of sales team and administrative support functions.

The Outcome:

Restructured sales team, with defined performance metrics and KPI’s and formalized sales and customer care processes.

New GM successfully transitioned into new role.

Formalized Vision, Strategy, Action Plan and Succession Plan developed and introduced.

Company reclaimed #1 position in their domestic market.

The client is now the #1 Commercial Realtor worldwide, by revenue, for ReMax.