"Optimize worked with a number of our senior leaders - the coaches' experience and understanding of the multiple challenges facing leaders today enabled them to quickly establish rapport and help our leaders navigate through some unique and stressful situations."Rob Henderson, VP Human Resources


High performing businesses need effective leaders that are focused on engaging others to deliver the business goals.

We work with people at all levels to develop their leadership skills; helping them to be effective in business with the ability to mobilize resources, build effective teams and make appropriate strategic choices.

We seek to develop leaders that understand the complexity of human behaviour and can effectively deal with that complexity, leaders that recognize that not everything can be planned but who expect things to evolve and change and have the ability to adapt accordingly.

Our coaching sessions are tailored to the client.  Our experience, maturity and ability to relate to the client’s needs ensures that we can add real value and offer innovative and tangible insight into potential solutions with appropriate credibility.

Leading Edge is a dynamic combination of Executive and Leadership Development programs, which incorporate:

– Talent & Competency Assessments
– Leadership & Executive coaching
– Leadership Transitions
– Leader Development Programs
– Practical Leadership Workshops
– High Potential Leader & 3-D Mentoring Programs
– Succession & Human Capital Planning
– Understanding and Managing Conflict