"Presenting with Influence delivers a huge ROI for both the participants and the organization"

Presenting with Influence

Presenting is a true management discipline founded in science and craft. It is not an innate talent but rather an acquired skill that can be taught, learned and mastered.

Presenting with Influence™ is a powerful one-day workshop for leaders who must consistently deliver high-profile presentations in complex corporate environments. Participants are introduced to a consistent but flexible methodology to learn the craft and are provided with practical tools for continuous improvement and sustained learning.

True Presentation Training for Business Professionals

There is a fundamental difference between Presenting with Influence and traditional public speaking training.  Presenting with Influence was designed specifically for professionals who regularly present at a high level, rather than deliver rehearsed formal speeches occasionally.

Being an eloquent public speaker is an admirable talent, but being an effective, efficient and consistent presenter is an essential business skill.  Presenting with Influence combines science and craft to enhance performance – participants learn the science behind presenting effectively before refining their delivery and style.

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