"With a keen ability to quickly assess and bring clarity to complex situations, they bring a deep and broad business background to the table and take a highly pragmatic and realistic approach to strategy development and execution. I highly recommend Optimize for your leadership coaching and strategy development needs."Michael Chase, Asset Vice President
TAQA North


“Success is a journey – it starts with knowing what you wish to achieve, where you are currently and what actions you need to take to get from here to there.”

The Issue:

Sadly, even those organizations with a well-developed vision and refined strategy often never achieve their objectives or their potential. Unable to gain traction, they fail to translate that strategy into the meaningful actions which generate outstanding results.

The Solution:

Total Strategy embraces and simplifies the entire strategy process and provides a clear, step by step roadmap to deliver results and drive performance.  At the heart of the program is a detailed, robust analysis of the internal and external drivers facing the organization. Comprehensive support is provided at every stage, from the initial situation assessment right through to strategy development and stress testing, implementation planning, execution and benefits realization.

– Most of the heavy lifting is handled by our highly experienced consultants.

– All the necessary tools are introduced, explained and integrated into everyday working practices.

– Proprietary strategy models are used to develop a contextual and comprehensive understanding of the situation both inside and outside the organization.

– Specific challenges and business-critical issues are identified and prioritized at the outset and appropriate plans to address them are developed as part of the process.

– Total Strategy incorporates all Implementation, Action Planning and Execution support.