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Death by Internet

As we see Blockbuster’s strategy so blatantly exposed by this filing, it is a good reminder for other businesses to spend due time and consideration on strategic…

Optimize Blog September 24, 2010

The ‘Not so Local’ Bank

The posturing over future banking regulations continues to make headlines. The latest episode in the UK sees HSBC threatening to move its Head Office to the Far…

Optimize Blog September 3, 2010

Achieving Par

For those of you thinking we are about to offer some latest golf tips, we’re sorry but you’re going to be disappointed. The ‘par’ we are talking about is…

Optimize Blog August 30, 2010

Moore no More?

Now, although this is somewhat embarrassing to admit - we find supercomputers rather fascinating and the developments in computing power never cease to amaze us.…

Optimize Blog August 17, 2010

Cultivating Culture

There is no subject quite like Bullfighting for stirring the emotions and very few people remain ambivalent. You either support it as ‘art’ and part of the rich…

Optimize Blog July 29, 2010