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Paying the Piper

As countries drag themselves out of the recession, the spectrum of accusations and recriminations becomes ever more broad and colorful. Criticism of the level and…

Optimize Blog September 16, 2010

Captains Reserve

Regular readers of Zeitgeist will be familiar with our interest in the Discovery Channel’s series entitled “Deadliest Catch” and its vibrant portrayal of one…

Optimize Blog August 4, 2010

Cultivating Culture

There is no subject quite like Bullfighting for stirring the emotions and very few people remain ambivalent. You either support it as ‘art’ and part of the rich…

Optimize Blog July 29, 2010

Mind the gap

Here at Zeitgeist we talk about accountability a lot and as we have stated before we are constantly asked by clients for help in becoming better at holding people…

Optimize Blog July 21, 2010