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No news is not good news

We read today that The Times Online plans to charge for access to its site – circa $1.60 per day or $3.20 per week – in an attempt to create a viable revenue…

Optimize Blog March 26, 2010

GM Humming a different tune

From a corporate strategy standpoint it is actually good to see GM taking the tough decisions. With Hummer, as they did with Saab, GM has explored options, come…

Optimize Blog February 25, 2010

Magna Car Ta

Before anyone gets carried away with all the positive vibes about countries emerging from recession, spare a thought for the 10,500 workers soon to be out of a job…

Optimize Blog September 14, 2009

If everything comes your way... you're in the wrong lane

When considering a fundamental shift in your strategy just take a look at Samoa as evidence that nothing is impossible.  In this relatively remote South Pacific…

Optimize Blog September 8, 2009

Bull in a China shop

China’s plans to invest in Alberta’s oil sands has certainly got the chat rooms alive with various theories around the Chinese motives.  From my scan of the…

Optimize Blog September 2, 2009