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Insanity Check

Optimize Blog - May 22, 2018 - 0 comments

In our daily interactions with clients, we encounter many different leaders in all disciplines and generally these individuals are very determined people. They are successful on many levels, yet many are also struggling to break through to new levels and have hit a wall in terms of how to get there. Usually it is because the very thing that got them this far, their determination, is missing a key ingredient: the willingness to make intelligent changes along the way.
People who make personal and business-related breakthroughs of any significance are first and foremost determined individuals. However, alongside their determination is the ability to learn from their actions and constantly change those actions until they reach their desired goal or goals. An iterative approach, critical thinking, trial and error and their willingness to make mistakes causes them to rethink and retool their strategies.
Their determination is fueled by their willingness to make intelligent changes and adjustments along the way.
Whilst it may seem obvious to many that “what got you here might not get you there”, there is a very real issue for some in terms of how to make that transition. Without knowing how, they do in fact revert to relying on their tried and trusted methods that have enabled them to be successful thus far.
We have all heard the saying that “doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome is the definition of insanity” and yet we regularly witness individuals trying the same thing again and again with hope being their only rationale behind their expectation of a different outcome this time.
A few things you must do today for breakthrough achievements tomorrow and beyond are first to list the obstacles or roadblocks that keep you from reaching your goals or desired outcomes. Be thorough and explicit. Then, brainstorm new ways to get around the roadblocks. Make sure they are things that you’ve never tried before.
Run your ideas by someone you have confidence in, and see if they can add to or give you any new ideas. Better yet, meet with someone who has achieved the goal you are after. Be open-minded. Taking advice from others can provide a different perspective from your own – you will be able to view the problem at hand through a different lens. Those that fail to seek guidance from others, preferring to remain self-sufficient, rarely progress to achieving success.
Always consider a number of options and be ruthless in determining the best approach but don’t be afraid to fail – growth comes through trying things without that fear of failure. Don’t be reckless but techniques and different approaches applied intelligently often illuminate the path to success.
Successful business leaders, executives, employees and people in general are forever making changes to their problem-solving approaches until their problems are solved. Then, they move on to a new one. If you’re hooking the ball off the tee, change your grip, your stance, your back swing, something………anything…. Don’t do the same thing harder and expect different results.
Fuel your determination with intelligent changes along the way…….

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