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Leading Change in a Reimagined World

Mark Crocker - November 9, 2021 - 0 comments

Optimize is excited to announce the launch of a new and progressive leadership development program built to create effective leaders in a reimagined world where complexity, volatility and uncertainty requires the ability for the modern leader to exercise critical thinking and to apply that critical thinking effectively to deliver results.

Take Control© is a content-rich modular program designed to dramatically improve the ability of organizations to successfully navigate change and enhance leadership capability. Change is a constant and exists in all environments. Research shows that ‘leading adaptive change’ capability among leaders is essential for maintaining organizational performance. However, little comprehensive training on change management is included in most talent development programs – leading to divergent levels of competency amongst leaders and employees.

Take Control© provides a comprehensive, practical, toolkit to enable your leaders to manage themselves and lead others through periods of change. The program supports a prioritization of critical activity based on ROI, strategic alignment and accountability while promoting an appropriately balanced portfolio where multiple goals exist. By helping leaders and employees to develop their skills and focus their efforts on the critical business elements that really make a difference, change management capability quickly becomes a competitive differentiator for the organization. Take Control develops your leaders and employees in such a way that they become more effective, more rapidly, in periods of change and transition.

The Take Control© program consists of a series of core ‘modules’, each addressing a different performance influencer in a change situation. Designed to be highly adaptive, the program
can easily be integrated into existing client programs or supplemented with client-specific additional modules. In addition, the program platform offers a community for learners and the ability to share experiences in a collaborative manner.

The program provides a toolkit that enables an individual to successfully manage themselves and others through change. The central theme is to improve individual and collective performance through increased accountability, personal development and the prioritization of key deliverables. Supportive one to one coaching underpins the program, ensuring alignment with organizational objectives, sustained progress and healthy interactions with other leaders.

Designed for use in any instance of change within organizations, Take Control is particularly valuable where:
• Support is needed to successfully implement strategy or organizational changes
• There is a need to develop essential leadership capability – most notably around leading and navigating change
• There is a need to improve the effectiveness of leader transitions to help leaders become more effective, more quickly
• An individual in a leadership role is transitioning into a new role or is being orientated into the company
• Organizations are implementing new systems, processes, structures, or IT infrastructure
• Organizations are impacted by changes that require cultural and behavioral change or capability
development to succeed
• Any major change is taking place, such as: board level leadership changes. mergers and acquisition, changes in business model, business start-ups, turnarounds, downsizing or expansion

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