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Pigs Might Fly

Optimize Blog - September 28, 2011 - 0 comments

On September 26th the “Pink Floyd Pig” once again flew above the Battersea power station in London – marking the release of the band’s remastered albums and previously unreleased music.  It is thirty-five years since the iconic pig first rose above the power station, creating the striking image captured on Pink Floyd’s 1976 album ‘Animals’ and generating media interest around the globe.  This time, the band (or should that be ‘brand’?) decided to recreate history and re-launch the famous pig.
Despite the best laid plans, unfortunately the original pig had to be replaced as, according to a spokeswoman for the band, “Two weeks prior to the event, the original neoprene glued pig was officially declared not airworthy and a brand new high-frequency welded PVC replica Pink Floyd Pig has been made for the occasion.”
The event, titled ‘Why Pink Floyd?’ showcased an array of new goodies from the band, including a brand-new “Best Of” album, restored live concert screen films and previously unreleased material.  None of the remaining band members attended the event.
The phrase “pigs might fly” is a figure of speech so hyperbolic that it describes an impossibility. The implication is that the circumstances in question will never occur and the phrase is often used to scoff at over-ambition.
This might be the case with Rick Parry, the US presidential hopeful.  It’s too soon to say that Rick Perry’s campaign is over, but things look bad for him.  He still leads the Republican field in national polls, but three terrible debate performances have weakened him. The latest New Hampshire poll puts him in fourth place in what is a crucial state.  His positions on immigration and compulsory vaccinations have tipped off conservatives that he isn’t as Right-wing as they thought and his description of Social Security as a Ponzi scheme has alienated centrists.  Mitt Romney has cynically but brilliantly exploited Perry’s radical rhetoric to suggest that he can’t beat Obama.  Romney is turning into a 2012 version of Richard Nixon – slippery and ruthless, yet well attuned to the public mood.
So, perhaps someone who hasn’t so far declared is suddenly worth a second look?  For months now political commentators have been saying that Sarah Palin (remember her?) is damaged goods.  Her performances in the last election and subsequent appearances on a reality show have deservedly left her open to ridicule in certain quarters.  But is it possible that Mrs. Palin has actually been playing a brilliant long game… letting the other candidates beat each other up before entering the fray?
Palin is low on personnel and campaign funding but the Tea Party knows who she is and will still back her if there is no viable conservative alternative.  Apparently she is just five points behind President Obama in a hypothetical match-up – a better position than Rick Perry!  Political commentators must surely be rubbing their hands in anticipation.
Barking Mad
The reality though is that at this point, we are no closer to knowing who will take on President Obama in 2012.  As for Sarah Palin?  Perhaps pigs might just take to the air…

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