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Caution, Learners Ahead

It’s a fact and contrary to certain prejudices and misconceptions, employees can learn to behave in new ways. However, people learn only if they are motivated…

Mark Crocker May 17, 2019

Pause Before You Pounce

We all face multiple challenges in our work and leadership roles – impossible deadlines, missed budgets, angry customers, politically driven colleagues, remotely…

Mark Crocker March 18, 2019

It's a Slow Fade

When dealing with a lack of engagement amongst the workforce the key is to recognize the early warning signs. Often it really is a slow fade – rarely do people…

Optimize Blog June 19, 2017

All in Good Time

We often hear that a client is ‘looking to change the culture’ of their organization. Companies need a good definition of corporate culture before they can begin…

Optimize Blog March 7, 2016

Culture of Change

When thinking about making a shift in culture we need to clearly understand that any cultural transformation takes a long time. How long is long? Well that depends…

Optimize Blog September 29, 2014