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Summer Lovin'

With all the media frenzy surrounding the impending Royal birth we had to chuckle at the Queen’s response to a little girls question over which the Queen would…

Optimize Blog July 17, 2013

The Worm in the Apple

Apple is once again under fire over its products and, specifically, the management of collected data... However, it now turns out that this was a ‘bug in the system’…

Optimize Blog May 5, 2011

3D’s and Wannabee’s

For the launch of the 3DS, the world's first glasses-free 3D hand-held games console, Nintendo pulled out all the stops to make sure that demand was high and lines…

Optimize Blog March 30, 2011

Take a bite of the Apple

So, the new iPod Nano takes video – clearly it is only a matter of time before it wakes you, dresses you, makes you a cup of tea, gets you to the office and manages…

Optimize Blog September 11, 2009