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Cracking Complexity

We view complexity in two ways. First there is the institutional complexity – which results from the number and types of interaction within the organization. This…

Optimize Blog June 6, 2016

The Dog Ate My Homework

A common response to the realization that you occasionally work from home is the question “How do you concentrate?” This is natural, given that many office-bound…

Optimize Blog May 16, 2016

Hanging on the Telephone

So the mail arrives and you lazily sort through the mix of flyers, assorted periodicals and bills as you drink your morning coffee. Then you open your telephone…

Optimize Blog October 12, 2012

The True Cost of Christmas?

As we battle with each other in Malls and shopping centres to secure those final few Christmas presents for our family and friends it’s probably just worth pausing…

Optimize Blog December 13, 2009