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Let Your Light Shine

In the constant struggle to improve ourselves we often reflect on our weaknesses. Indeed, a surprising amount of our time and energy at work is focused on the people…

Mark Crocker February 25, 2019

Cracking Complexity

We view complexity in two ways. First there is the institutional complexity – which results from the number and types of interaction within the organization. This…

Optimize Blog June 6, 2016

Moore or Less?

Here at Zeitgeist we find supercomputers rather fascinating and the developments in computing power never cease to amaze us. Back in 2010 we wrote about the military…

Optimize Blog February 1, 2016

Last Minute Larceny

Leaving things to the last minute is a recipe for disaster and on the way causes stress, anxiety and a series of corners that have been cut. Quality suffers and…

Optimize Blog November 2, 2015

Coping with Complexity

The general view on complexity is that it is a bad thing and that simplification will bring value by removing unnecessary costs. Here at Zeitgeist we are Lean Practitioners…

Optimize Blog May 12, 2014