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Did You Know.....?

Intellect Technology is a fascinating subject which has still to mature. The term in this sense relates to a progression from Information Technology. If Information…

Optimize Blog May 15, 2017

The Complexity Conundrum

Charles Dickens in the 1830’s wrote that he lived in an age of “unrelenting change and unpredictability” so we wonder what he would make of our current situation…

Optimize Blog April 17, 2017

Time Lapse

In our experience too many leadership teams squander the most precious resource that they have – time. Although time is the scarcest resource in any company (not…

Optimize Blog May 2, 2016

Knowing Your Place

When considering strategy a great number of businesses misread the environment and overestimate their skill and control of what is going on around them. Sometimes…

Optimize Blog May 11, 2015