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Moments of Truth

Customers have never had higher expectations – or been more empowered than they are today. How you respond to, and take care of, your customers across all of their…

Optimize Blog March 5, 2018

No Place for Pyromaniacs

Putting out fires is very rewarding. It’s gratifying and provides instant validation for our efforts. This is apparently why people seem to like fires in business…

Optimize Blog February 27, 2017

In Trust we Trust

Agendas grow out of motive and intent. So, when motives and intentions are not open and transparent to all involved, “hidden agendas” inevitably develop. These…

Optimize Blog September 28, 2015

What Kind of Boss Are You – Star or Idiot?

We spend a lot of time thinking, coaching and writing about the challenges of talented people frustrated with life inside big organizations. If you’re the leader,…

Optimize Blog October 16, 2014

China Crisis

In both one to one leadership coaching and the group courses that we run, a common source of angst shared by the more ‘mature’ managers is the alarming sense…

Optimize Blog July 21, 2011

The True Cost of Christmas?

As we battle with each other in Malls and shopping centres to secure those final few Christmas presents for our family and friends it’s probably just worth pausing…

Optimize Blog December 13, 2009