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Risk Versus Reward

Trying to avoid all risk in business is the same as trying to avoid all opportunity. Simply reacting to risk, meanwhile, is just crisis management: shutting the…

Mark Crocker March 11, 2020

I Think Therefore I Am

The greatest managerial failure rate comes at the first step into leadership where generally new leaders are ill-equipped to even understand the fundamentals of…

Optimize Blog April 6, 2015

Standards but not Standard

Governance is a much misunderstood discipline at the leadership level from the perspective that the scope of the term is often limited. Governance is not just about…

Optimize Blog November 12, 2014

Who Knew?

Yet more companies have withdrawn their advertizing support in the wake of the News of the World phone ‘hacking’ scandal. After a disappointingly long delay,…

Optimize Blog July 7, 2011