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great leaders


Looking the Part

A question we get asked a lot is if leaders are born or made. Apparently this is a discussion that has been undertaken since the time of Plato so clearly there is…

Optimize Blog October 30, 2017

Embracing the Imposter

Way back in 2008 the New York Times ran a great article on managers and professionals who suffer from feelings of fraudulence or inadequacy at work and we still…

Optimize Blog September 19, 2016

Fluffy Facts

Lots of companies are doing lots of things in the name of employee engagement and there is plenty of research out there to give them good reason to do so. Depending…

Optimize Blog May 9, 2016

Hear, Hear!

There’s an old saying that with two ears and one mouth, we should be doing twice the amount of listening as we do talking and here at Zeitgeist we subscribe to…

Optimize Blog March 28, 2016