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Insanity Check

In our daily interactions with clients, we encounter many different leaders in all disciplines and generally these individuals are very determined people. They are…

Optimize Blog May 22, 2018

Kung Fu for Business

Recently here at Optimize we were thinking about business philosophy and the links to leadership and organizational culture. I’m not sure too many of us spend…

Optimize Blog March 26, 2018

The Future is Bright

In last week’s blog we bemoaned the lack of wisdom in the world but at Optimize we believe in the credo that we shouldn’t criticize anything unless we are prepared…

Optimize Blog December 12, 2016

Stupid is as Stupid Does

Reading the news or even just looking around us unveils a high degree of a lack in critical thinking – we might even consider that there is a whole lot of stupid…

Optimize Blog December 5, 2016

Smarter not Harder

You’ve probably heard the story or even experienced yourself, the golfer who steps up to the tee box and hits a terrible hook shot straight out of bounds. Frustrated…

Optimize Blog October 13, 2015

Seeing Is Believing

A bionic eye – or – more accurately, a retinal implant has been invented by scientists at Stanford University in California. Implants currently used in patients…

Optimize Blog May 15, 2012