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Vive Le Tour

As the Tour de France grinds its way through the mountains in the second week we were considering it as a metaphor for life, for business life and for our careers.…

Optimize Blog July 18, 2018

What's in a Personality?

Have you ever discussed whether you were introverted or extroverted? Undergone a personality test on a training course? Wondered what lurks in the shadow side of…

Optimize Blog January 11, 2016

The Science of Stupid

We have to admit that we do rather enjoy the Instagram and YouTube genre of ‘fails’. There is something riveting about watching an otherwise normal person do…

Optimize Blog May 4, 2015

The Knowledge

This simple experiment could suggest that as computer software becomes easier to use, making complicated tasks easier, we risk losing the ability to properly learn…

Optimize Blog October 13, 2010