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leadership capability


Be Yourself

‘Be yourself’ is the defining careers advice of the moment. It’s heard everywhere from business leaders in the boardroom, social media influencers,…

Mark Crocker April 24, 2024

An Excessive Need to Be Me

When someone says, “this is just how I am”, what are they actually saying? What do they mean and are we ok with such a response? It could be considered that…

Mark Crocker February 6, 2023

Let Your Light Shine

In the constant struggle to improve ourselves we often reflect on our weaknesses. Indeed, a surprising amount of our time and energy at work is focused on the people…

Mark Crocker February 25, 2019

Trust is not Optional

When considering the great leaders within business there is one core attribute that they possess that sets them apart. That attribute is trust. They are all highly…

Optimize Blog November 20, 2014