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Failing to Learn

Ever see those new leaders who carry themselves with such bravado? They’re usually the ones who haven’t failed yet. When they inevitably do, it isn’t pretty…

Mark Crocker May 5, 2021

Plus Ca Change

Plus ca change is the term often used to express the resigned acknowledgement of the fundamental immutability of human nature – “the more things change, the…

Optimize Blog November 20, 2017

There's No 'I' in Team

….but of course if you look closely you will find the word ‘me’. Here at Zeitgeist we do a lot of work with building high performing teams and of course many…

Optimize Blog August 28, 2017

The Complexity Conundrum

Charles Dickens in the 1830’s wrote that he lived in an age of “unrelenting change and unpredictability” so we wonder what he would make of our current situation…

Optimize Blog April 17, 2017

Caution - Learners Ahead

It’s a fact, and contrary to certain prejudices and misconceptions, employees can learn to behave in new ways. However, people learn only if they are motivated…

Optimize Blog June 8, 2015