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Meeting Mayhem

With the first day of summer upon us our thoughts naturally turn to BBQ’s, beaches, and vacations. It’s the time of year when we can easily find ourselves daydreaming…

Optimize Blog June 20, 2016

The Dog Ate My Homework

A common response to the realization that you occasionally work from home is the question “How do you concentrate?” This is natural, given that many office-bound…

Optimize Blog May 16, 2016

Better Late than Never?

Some time ago we wrote a paper entitled “You Say You’re Busy and I Say ‘So what?’” which in a nutshell stated that the world is not about being busy, it’s…

Optimize Blog February 10, 2014

Hanging on the Telephone

So the mail arrives and you lazily sort through the mix of flyers, assorted periodicals and bills as you drink your morning coffee. Then you open your telephone…

Optimize Blog October 12, 2012

No If's, Butts or Maybe's

Many of us are confronted on a day to day basis with being tied to a desk, sat in front of our computers wading through vast amounts of data trying to execute in…

Optimize Blog July 18, 2012

Dealing with Dave

The meeting has already gone an hour over its scheduled time. The participants are restless, eager to close the discussion, make a decision, and leave to get on…

Optimize Blog February 28, 2012