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Foot in Mouth

Here at Zeitgeist up until now we’ve avoided commenting on the catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico and the trials and tribulations of BP’s attempts to recover…

Optimize Blog June 30, 2010

Oil in troubled waters

Echoes of 1982 are starting to reverberate around the UN as Britain and Argentina once again raise the ante on sovereignty around the Falkland Islands.

Optimize Blog February 22, 2010

Banking Madness

In 1953 President Eisenhower suggested that the then Superpowers of the US and Russia put aside some uranium from their respective stockpiles for “the good of…

Optimize Blog January 8, 2010

Oil be the judge of that...

Do you ever get that “What are they thinking?” reaction when you see certain headlines in the news and wonder with incredulity how these people could possibly…

Optimize Blog September 21, 2009

Bull in a China shop

China’s plans to invest in Alberta’s oil sands has certainly got the chat rooms alive with various theories around the Chinese motives.  From my scan of the…

Optimize Blog September 2, 2009