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A Year in Review

As we march headlong into the new year we have probably had, or are about to have, the dreaded annual performance review. The truth be told that here at Optimize…

Optimize Blog January 10, 2019

An Excessive Need to be Me

Few things can discredit a leader faster than being perceived as phony. Sometimes, leaders will say what they don’t believe or they sugarcoat the truth so people…

Optimize Blog August 21, 2017

Life in the Fast Lane

Lord Mountbatten is quoted as stating that “The primary factor in a successful attack is speed” and the reality is that the current frontier of business success…

Optimize Blog July 24, 2017

Back in Black

We normally steer away from sport analogies mostly because we have never reached the level of elite athletes and also because that space is well catered for by those…

Optimize Blog July 17, 2017

Is the Patient Sick?

In trying to understand how companies can produce sustainable high performance we can use the metaphor of human health which improves when cared for but deteriorates…

Optimize Blog December 4, 2014

Independent Amendment

By the 4th of July, America's founding fathers approved a simple document penned by Jefferson that enumerated their grievances and announced themselves a sovereign…

Optimize Blog October 21, 2011