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Never Too Late

We want to talk about the serial late people in the world – those that keep us waiting. And it is not that we lead ‘busy lives’. That’s a given,…

Mark Crocker March 26, 2019

The Great Training Robbery

One of the critical foundations of a successful and sustainable company is the ability to generate, nurture and regenerate talent on an ongoing basis. To enable…

Optimize Blog October 17, 2016

A Little Toe Much

A pub in Derbyshire, England has hosted the 35th “World Toe Wrestling Championship”. Open to male and female competitors, the protagonists took off their…

Optimize Blog June 29, 2011

No Bells and Whistles

So the Nobel prize jury has expended a considerable amount of effort in justifying it’s Peace Prize award to Mr Obama.  The award has raised many eyebrows at…

Optimize Blog October 14, 2009