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The Future is Bright

In last week’s blog we bemoaned the lack of wisdom in the world but at Optimize we believe in the credo that we shouldn’t criticize anything unless we are prepared…

Optimize Blog December 12, 2016

You Can Do It….Probably

Motivational posters abound. They shout at us from office walls, from Facebook, from Instagram, at the gym….they seem to be everywhere. Some are funny, some stir…

Optimize Blog November 21, 2016

More, Moore, More

In 1961, one could buy a Ferranti computer for the princely sum of $360,000. Your spanking new computer would take up the whole room and have a memory of 1K. A typical…

Optimize Blog November 26, 2012

A Half-Full Glass

A study, published in Nature Neuroscience, suggests the brain is very good at processing good news about the future. Scientists at University College London said…

Optimize Blog July 4, 2012