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Good Luck!

The element of luck is often cited in business and careers and here at Optimize we subscribe to the fact that success in a career or in business comes from three…

Mark Crocker October 30, 2023

In Sickness and in Health

We often hear and talk about the ‘healthy organization’ and whilst corporate health is talked about quite a lot, a true understanding of the importance of monitoring…

Optimize Blog August 15, 2016

Is the Patient Sick?

In trying to understand how companies can produce sustainable high performance we can use the metaphor of human health which improves when cared for but deteriorates…

Optimize Blog December 4, 2014

Hot Under the Collar

A British doctor has become the first person out of 300 intrepid gastro-nuts to finish the world’s hottest curry at a UK restaurant, which has the scary name…

Optimize Blog January 7, 2013