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Vive Le Tour

As the Tour de France grinds its way through the mountains in the second week we were considering it as a metaphor for life, for business life and for our careers.…

Optimize Blog July 18, 2018

Looking the Part

A question we get asked a lot is if leaders are born or made. Apparently this is a discussion that has been undertaken since the time of Plato so clearly there is…

Optimize Blog October 30, 2017

The Trouble with Nice

Of all the qualities you don’t want in a manager, there’s one that you might not have given much thought about and that is being overly nice. Within…

Optimize Blog March 21, 2016

What's in a Personality?

Have you ever discussed whether you were introverted or extroverted? Undergone a personality test on a training course? Wondered what lurks in the shadow side of…

Optimize Blog January 11, 2016

When Smart isn't Necessarily Smart

When hiring, promoting or even just putting together a team, we tend to look for the smartest people in the room. But is that necessarily the right thing to do?…

Optimize Blog June 15, 2015

China Crisis

In both one to one leadership coaching and the group courses that we run, a common source of angst shared by the more ‘mature’ managers is the alarming sense…

Optimize Blog July 21, 2011