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Less is More

In a previous Zeitgeist blog we talked about Google’s patent for driverless cars which was granted back in December 2011. Well now driverless cars have taken a…

Optimize Blog May 8, 2012

What’s in a name?

What does a traumatized young female Parisian and the Renault car company have in common? The name Zoe of course…. Mademoiselle Zoe Renault (no relation) is taking…

Optimize Blog May 27, 2010

GM Humming a different tune

From a corporate strategy standpoint it is actually good to see GM taking the tough decisions. With Hummer, as they did with Saab, GM has explored options, come…

Optimize Blog February 25, 2010

Lean times at Toyota

So what has gone wrong at Toyota?  For the past couple of decades Toyota has been held up as the paragon of quality control and their Lean process has been copied…

Optimize Blog February 4, 2010