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work-life balance


Balance of Power

Rest and recovery are a crucial part of any exercise program. After putting your body through a significant amount of stress during a grueling workout, you have…

Mark Crocker February 5, 2019

The Millennial Myth

The subject we get asked most to speak about is the perceived ‘problem’ with Millennials. Regular readers know that we have written a couple of articles about…

Optimize Blog May 29, 2017

Summer Lovin'

With all the media frenzy surrounding the impending Royal birth we had to chuckle at the Queen’s response to a little girls question over which the Queen would…

Optimize Blog July 17, 2013

Generation R

Generation R is a new term that has come to our attention here at Zeitgeist and it relates to workers who kept their jobs during the most recent recession but took…

Optimize Blog May 29, 2013