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Take a bite of the Apple

Optimize Blog - September 11, 2009 - 1 comment

So, the new iPod Nano takes video – clearly it is only a matter of time before it wakes you, dresses you, makes you a cup of tea, gets you to the office and manages your meetings.
Gone are the days when a telephone was a telephone.  Gone are the days when a camera was a camera.  Gone are the days when a piece of technology didn’t come with a 450 page PDF file explaining how to turn it on…
In the 70’s, in between the endless coverage of The Beatles and without the distractions of the internet, the newspapers and TV news stations were in a frenzy about all these new technologies that would mean we only needed to work 3 days per week with the rest of the time spent on leisure activities.
So what happened?  We have more technology and less time.  Well, actually we have the same amount of time – 1440 minutes per day, we just have more things to get through in our daily allotted 1440 minutes.
Blackberries, iPhones etc. mean that we are in constant touch with the office – so why are we not 200 times more efficient than we were all those years ago?  If we don’t need to go into the office then we must be saving time somewhere.  Where is all the free time going?  Did we put it down somewhere and lose it?  Has someone else stolen it?
It’s a modern dilemma – answers on a post card please.

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1 comment

  1. Charlie Hatchet

    Easy. We spend all our times on blogs now…

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