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Tired of Change

Optimize Blog - September 9, 2013 - 0 comments

Leo Tolstoy is quoted as stating “Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” The world around us is awash with ‘movements for change’ whether it be justice, environment, social transformation or any number of worthy and not so worthy causes.
Managing change is also much discussed in business circles these days and as specialists in the subject, here at Zeitgeist we have our own ideas and opinions.
For us, delivering the ability to effectively manage change creates the ability to both deliver a truly competitive advantage and an improved ability to drive change throughout the organization – and therefore to change the culture.
Does the management of change present a competitive advantage? We think so because change is a constant and in fact the frequency, or pace, of business change is becoming greater. Just a simple review of technology over the past twenty or even ten years underlines the rapid pace of change.
Those companies that are unable to keep pace with the management of change soon start to complain of ‘change fatigue’ which, in turn, causes a drag on resources and an impairment of performance. Those that invest time in making the management of change a core competence will steal a march on those that do not manage change well.
Delivering behaviours that impact the culture is a winning strategy. Delivering change management as a core competence and critical leadership trait takes the organization to a place where agility and an execution focus in the maelstrom of the changing environment delivers practical returns.
As we have said many times before, you manage situations but you lead people ergo you lead people through change, removing the fear and ensuring that everyone knows the context around the change and what it means for them individually.
Strategy, leadership and change – know where you are going, have the right people leading within the organization and ensure the successful transition from the current state to the future state.
What are you doing to ensure that you have change management as a core competence….?

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