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In Trust we Trust

Optimize Blog - September 28, 2015 - 0 comments

Agendas grow out of motive and intent. So, when motives and intentions are not open and transparent to all involved, “hidden agendas” inevitably develop. These hidden agendas are often buried or disguised within the subtext or context of the situation. This tendency to camouflage motives is a human condition and prevalent in all situations where more than one human being is present…..
Perhaps when we attend meetings we should have three agendas – a formal agenda, our personal agenda and of course, the hidden agenda.
In order to deal with the subversive as well as the overt agendas we need to ensure that we focus on pursuing, supporting and enabling the agenda that will inspire the greatest trust, and therefore produce the best results. This usually requires delivering an outcome that provides the greatest mutual benefit for all involved.
But in such situations, it is imperative that we genuinely and sincerely want what’s best for all. We must truly seek to discover solutions that build trust, value, mutual benefit and satisfaction for everyone involved.
Positive relationship-building fosters and stimulates mutual trust. Mutual trust facilitates the successful actions and executions that deliver the results and values that benefit all. Simplistically, relationships build trust; execution builds results and so trust builds relationships.
In our experience trust is one of the most powerful forms of both motivation and inspiration. We want to be trusted. We thrive on trust. We respond positively to trust. We perform better when trusted and, as we act better, we become better.
When we are trusted, we do all that we can to behave, act and execute in ways that confirm our appreciation for the trust bestowed upon us by another. We do not want to disappoint those who have given us their trust and so quite often we perform at levels far beyond reasonable expectations, because trust is inevitably tested by results. Whatever our situation or role, we must become very good at establishing, extending and restoring trust as one of the most effective means of generating results.
Let’s be real here – it is the results that truly matter. To maintain trust, one must deliver the results expected and promised, and with a high degree of integrity. Trust demands performance. It is as simple as that. But, performance increases trust. Trust and results are the staple of high achievers.
So ongoing trust demands performance. No matter how deep a trusting relationship may be, failure to perform as promised, or deliver the results expected, invites doubt into the situation. The demons of doubt are the toxic enemies of trust in every relationship.
Where doubt prevails, effort and results will seldom be optimal. As performance declines, trust will deteriorate further. Where trust breaks down results suffer accordingly…..

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