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Why Your Boss Is Wrong About You

As the performance review season comes to its usually unsatisfactory conclusion for many, we thought we would share our thoughts on why many performance review systems…

Mark Crocker February 11, 2020

Fact Versus Fiction

Every decision maker really should rely on facts before making any decisions – particularly material decisions.  This might seem obvious, but fact based approaches…

Mark Crocker February 3, 2020

Finding Fault

In business we often come across cultures where blame is accepted or is even the norm. We like to mention one of our favourite terms – ‘blame-storming’. This…

Mark Crocker January 27, 2020

Blue Monday

Blue Monday is the name given to this day in January (typically the third Monday of the month) claimed to be the most depressing day of the year. The concept was…

Mark Crocker January 20, 2020

Service Means Service

Good customer service is a valuable asset, especially in today’s high-tech-oriented, increasingly impersonal business world. Therefore, if you are aware of…

Mark Crocker January 14, 2020

Talking Transformation

Individuals, organizations change continuously, reacting to developments in their markets and to the arrival and departure of key people. In a large company, these…

Mark Crocker January 8, 2020

Vive la Révolution

The Fourth Industrial Revolution, commonly known as Industry 4.0, appears to be changing the way businesses function. Organizations must decide how and where to…

Mark Crocker October 21, 2019

The Complexity Equation

Charles Dickens in the 1830’s wrote that he lived in an age of “unrelenting change and unpredictability” so I wonder what he would make of our current scenario…

Mark Crocker October 1, 2019

Behavioural Science?

Conventional wisdom amongst those running organizations would agree that there is value in good service. An abundance of literature exists supporting the notion…

Mark Crocker September 23, 2019

Lean Times

During the past 20 years, Lean has become one of the prominent performance-improvement programs adopted by companies around the world. Recently, organizations as…

Mark Crocker September 3, 2019

Credibly Credible

Credibility in leadership is important now, more than ever, because there is a good dose of cynicism in the workplace and our people are cynical about us as their…

Mark Crocker June 24, 2019

Service Intelligence

Providing outstanding customer service is one of the most rewarding yet challenging activities within any organization. Exceptional organizations that provide outstanding…

Mark Crocker May 27, 2019