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Plus Ca Change

Plus ca change is the term often used to express the resigned acknowledgement of the fundamental immutability of human nature – “the more things change, the…

Mark Crocker October 16, 2023

Why Your Boss Is Wrong About You

As the performance review season comes to its usually unsatisfactory conclusion for many, we thought we would share our thoughts on why many performance review systems…

Mark Crocker February 11, 2020

Upside Down, Right Side Up

As we charge toward the final quarter of the year thoughts will soon inevitably turn toward the dreaded annual appraisals – the performance review. We don’t…

Optimize Blog September 12, 2016

Caution - Learners Ahead

It’s a fact, and contrary to certain prejudices and misconceptions, employees can learn to behave in new ways. However, people learn only if they are motivated…

Optimize Blog June 8, 2015

A Strange Turn of Events

For 35 years, New Zealand has been the only place on Earth to force vehicles turning left to give way to vehicles turning right.  New Zealand traffic drives on…

Optimize Blog April 9, 2012