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An Excessive Need to be Me

Few things can discredit a leader faster than being perceived as phony. Sometimes, leaders will say what they don’t believe or they sugarcoat the truth so people…

Optimize Blog August 21, 2017

Differing Dimensions

All organizations operate in two dimensions: the dimension of getting the work done (which is the horizontal dimension) and the dimension of reporting relationships…

Optimize Blog July 25, 2016

Embracing the Imposter

Often we come across leaders and professionals who suffer from feelings of fraudulence or inadequacy at work – the condition known as ‘Imposter Syndrome’.…

Optimize Blog August 5, 2015

How to be a High Flyer

As we all saw recently, via very dramatic high resolution film coverage, Austrian Felix Baumgartner leaped out of a capsule 39km (24 miles) above the Earth. The…

Optimize Blog November 6, 2012

Less is More

In a previous Zeitgeist blog we talked about Google’s patent for driverless cars which was granted back in December 2011. Well now driverless cars have taken a…

Optimize Blog May 8, 2012